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written by Allie Bollman

With the world open once again, the Greenhouse Fabrics team took on High Point Market Fall 2021. Follow along as we take you through our favorite finds and the latest trends in home furnishings.  

Trending: Hair on Hide

Hair on Hide was the true star of the show in Fall 2021, with virtually every exhibitor utilizing hides within their showcase displays. While these natural beauties used to be reserved for rugs, throws, and wall hangings, we now see these unique pieces utilized in various applications across multiple elements of design.  

Trending: Leather

The natural elements trend continues, with leather being the prominent choice for hard and soft goods alike. This timeless choice offers not only beauty that increases with time but durability as well. When properly cared for, leather works will withstand decades of use and trends, making it the leading choice in furniture application. 

Trending: Tones

The color pallet of Fall 2021 is that of both neutral and masculine dark tones. Creams, tans, cognac, rust, olive greens, sapphire blue, and black were the prominent hues of the current trends. Sprinkles of bright colors such as emerald green, cobalt blue, fuchsia pink, and shades of purple were also spotted--adding charm to a multitude of showrooms. Bold patterns also made a grand entrance, bringing individuality to every space. 

Supporting Elements

Elements such as gold, matte black, natural wood, chunky textures, marble, polished stone, crystal, acrylic, and buckles brought textiles to life in their furnished forms. 

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