The Greenhouse Story

We live, sleep, and breathe the business of beautiful fabrics, but more importantly, we care about the success of our clients. We want them to be happy. We want to see their faces light up when we show them just what they’ve been looking for. And we’ll always go above and beyond the call to help them out of a tight spot.

The Greenhouse family loves what we do.

Our Culture

Greenhouse Fabrics has always been built by and for family. We’re always delighted to meet fellow lovers of beautiful fabrics, and we won’t rest until we’ve given them everything they need to thrive. 

Sometimes that means bringing a fabric sample directly to someone’s door at the end of a long business day, because they absolutely must have it that night. Sometimes it means sifting through hundreds of samples to find just the right match for a restoration project. Sometimes it simply means knowing every one of our customer’s tastes so well that when we see a new sample we think, “Oh, I know just who in our Greenhouse family would love that,” and give them a call right away.  

Every month, you’ll see new samples from us – we can’t wait to show you the latest in fabrics. You can always pick up the phone and talk directly to the Greenhouse family, and we’ll do whatever we can to make sure every fabric you order from us is exactly what you wanted.

One Family, Four Generations

Where did we develop this unique approach to our business? It’s a legacy handed down by our great-grandfather Arnold Bjork, whom we fondly called “Mr. B.” He founded this company four generations ago to support his mother and sisters, and his great-grandchildren carry on his philosophy of treating every one of our customers as one of our own family.

If your travels ever bring you to High Point, NC, please come in and join the family for a cold drink and our favorite discussion topic: gorgeous fabrics.