The Anna Elisabeth line was developed to make a statement, both in style and life. We take pride in being woman-owned, operated, and managed. Working for a company that is predominantly operated and run by women empowers us to lift each other up, build relationships, and collaborate creatively in everything that we do. Having our first female and fourth-generation CEO, we felt it was the perfect time to pay tribute to Brooke’s great-great-grandmother, Anna Elisabeth. Anna was the mother of the founder of Greenhouse Fabrics, Arnold Bjork.

Anna E.
Anna Elisabeth

Anna Elisabeth was a trilingual and educated woman who would have been successful in business, but the times did not permit. Instead, she provided the resources to her son who founded Greenhouse Fabrics. Anna's legacy of leadership and empowerment is carried on today through her great-great-granddaughter, Brooke. 

Brooke Cornetet
Anna’s great-great-granddaughter & CEO, Greenhouse Fabrics

Thank you for letting us be part of helping you and your clients make a statement in their homes. We know the importance of the home as a place of comfort, personal expression, and peace of mind, and are honored to help others improve and make their homes their own.

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