F2082 Cider

Uniquely crafted and finished with performance protection, this multi-tone leather will stand the test of time. This cinnamon-hued leather provides a subtle distressed look for a high styled vibe in your home.

Product Details

Raw Material: Bovine Hides
Top Grain
Hide Size 48 Sf (+/-)
Finish: Purely Proctected ™
Thickness: 0.9 - 1.1 Mm
Fire codes:
Country of origin:  Italy
Keep furniture dust and dirt free. Dusting and vacuuming with a soft brush. Deal with spills and soil gently and quickly (do not rub or scrub). Use a clean cloth or sponge. If necessary, use clean distilled water only and let dry naturally.
Do not expose to intense heat sources or direct sunlight. Some color fading may occur if the leather is exposed to direct, intense light and heat.
Do not use solvent or any product involving solvents to clean leather furniture.


by Denicola

by Denicola's Furniture & Fabrics in Baton Rouge, LA