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written by Taylor Souder, B.S. in Textile Technology

What is Matelassé? 

Matelassé (also known as double cloth) is a French-inspired weaving technique that gives fabric a quilted or padded appearance. Many matelassé fabrics can be achieved on a jacquard loom and are meant to mimic the style of hand stitching or quilting. A tone-on-tone effect is utilized on many matelassé fabrics where threads from the back layer are interwoven to the front. Although matelassé fabrics look to have padding, these fabrics are actually a pocket weave that creates this visual without any actual filler.

What Is Matelassé Suitable For? 

Matelassé fabrics are suitable for the window and on upholstered furniture but are predominantly applied on bedding such as duvets, coverlets, bed skirts, and pillowcases. With designs ranging anywhere from traditional damasks to medallions, stripes and geometrics, this fabric style will add dimension to your space and blend perfectly with any home décor.

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