What are greenhouseEssentials? - Necessary, Fundamental, Indispensable

Written by Melissa Wolck

Your basic foundations and first class options. Our proven performers and best sellers. Our Essential fabrics are just that. Essential to your everyday needs. These essential fabrics have been carefully selected from our finest resources just for you!

Every year Greenhouse’s product development team creates two comprehensive sets of essential books specifically tailored for the needs of upholsterers and designers. Our essential books are organized in an easy to use color rotation: from beige to black, then ROYGBIV. 

Our essential book library includes an extensive selection of upholstery and multipurpose fabrics such as chenille, textured solids, linen, cotton and much, much more! Beautifully offered in an abundance of colors the greenhouse Essentials are your fundamental options for drapery, bedding, and upholstery.     

Greenhouse Fabrics is very excited to share the Essentials collection with you, with our newest addition represented in perfect plains by COLOR

You can shop any of our essential fabrics online or call your Customer & Fabric Specialist for the details on this great program.

Our greenhouse Essentials are in stock every day, because we know how ESSENTIAL they are to you!

These are the perfect plains for all of your projects! 

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