We Value You! New Value Fabrics Available Now

by Taylor Souder, B.S. in Textile Technology

Year after year, our most sought after collection is highly anticipated by our customers. Our value mailings feature everyday best-selling plains and textures along with updated upholstery by color fabrics. This year we have not only delivered on the essentials but are also introducing Endurepel, a new value performance line. 

Endurepel Performance

Two out of six of our new, Value Books feature Endurepel -- a soil and stain repellant performance finish that offers easy clean ability and liquid repellency. Our new performance fabrics feature the Endurepel Shield technology, perfect for cleaning all of life’s little messes. Learn how to clean Endurepel here

Our new performance vinyl features Endurepel Armour technology, offered in 30 colors from all over the spectrum, including metallic options and a few to resemble true leather hides. With bleach clean ability and 1.5 million double rubs on abrasion, this all-encompassing vinyl is the perfect solution for any project as it meets industry standards for: healthcare and hospitality, marine, and automotive usage. This vinyl is also FR additive free and Prop 65 compliant. 

Best Selling Plains and Textures

Along with our new performance story, the value mailing will feature a multitude of great new and best-selling plains, textures, and small and mid-scale jacquards.   

What's even better? Fabrics in books E77-E82 are 20% off for the rest of 2020. Shop our new looks at here or call in to 866-755-5000 and any fabric specialist is readily available to assist in bringing your next project to life!