Toile Fabrics - Shabby Chic Inspired by Timeless Tradition

Written by Tanzy 

Toile – A French word meaning “linen cloth” or “canvas” for painting on.

First produced in Ireland this fabric pattern quickly gained popularity in England and France, here the pattern was called Toile de Jouy.  Toile is a type of fabric that commonly depicts a decorative landscape or French countryside motif that is on a white or off-white background.

As you explore toile patterns you will discover Asian-inspired scenes, known as Chinoiserie.  Chinoiserie is also a French word that describes Chinese artwork.  These patterns typically depict 18th century European's interpretation of East Asian leisure and pleasure.

These beautiful fabrics which are mostly inspired by European design became popular in America in the Colonial Era.  In the 1930s toile gained momentum once again with those working to preserve historic communities like Colonial Williamsburg. Today toile is seen as a traditional fabric that is used by designers for a vintage shabby chic look.

Whether your design style is European or Asian inspired, Greenhouse Fabrics offers a collection of toile fabrics that will tell your story.