Timeless. Tasteful. Traditional Tones and Neutrals.

written by Kaitlyn Green 

In the design world, it’s crucial to stay informed on current trends. But one thing is inevitable: Seasons change, styles change, and trendy looks fade. Despite this constant ebb and flow, some looks never go out of style. Greenhouse Traditional Tones and Neutrals are a celebration of classic elegance, a selection of sophisticated fabrics curated with timeless style in mind.

Soft Chenille

Nothing says timeless quite like classic, soft texture, and chenille is a perpetual favorite. Select from a range of neutral solids or choose a more contemporary cut chenille in a vibrant hue to channel playful sophistication.

Classic Tapestries

Dramatic and striking, tapestries make a lasting impression in a traditional, elegant space. From large-scale paisley to Jacobean floral, there is a pattern for every client in search of timeless, bold seating or accent pillows.

Geometric Patterns

Create a classic chair with a small-scale geometric, or choose a larger pattern to add visual interest to a room. A geometric lattice or diamond is a versatile choice for timeless, stylish upholstery.

Contemporary Flair

For clients seeking a timeless look with a touch of contemporary style, Greenhouse Traditional books feature a several transitional textures and patterns. Choose from chic animal print, abstract designs, and globally-inspired patterns for bespoke, on-trend furniture.

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