Textile Talk: What are Fabric Repeats?

written by Taylor Souder, B.S. in Textile Technology

With over 10,000 fabric SKUs to choose from at Anna Elisabeth and Greenhouse Fabrics, customers are sure to find the perfect textile for any project! From small-scale ditsy patterns to larger repeats, it is important to know your fabric and how to work with it to complete the job.

Small and Mid-Scale Repeats

In our industry, small and mid-scale patterns are frequently referred to as chair-scale fabrics. Perfectly sized for a chair, ottoman, or any smaller piece of furniture, chair-scales are suitable for exactly as the name implies.

S1895 Bronze by Copley Upholstery 

Half-Drop Repeats

A half-drop fabric usually has a larger repeat pattern. A half drop is not identical on each side and therefore to match each repeat you must drop half a pattern down.

S2011 Spring Water

Brick Pattern Repeats

This type of repeat is stacked horizontally. Like a brick wall, the pattern is then offset by half in the next horizontal row.  It may be a bit trickier to match up this type of pattern, however, the scale of the pattern will have more of an impact in this case.

S2312 Ebony

All Over Patterns

All-over patterns sometimes do not have a repeat indicated, given that there is no specific pattern followed when creating the pattern's design. For example, S2362 Indigo (shown below) is an all-over novelty bird pattern due to the birds facing in all directions with no rhyme or reason in placement. As a result, you will likely not be able to pattern match an all-over fabric.

S2362 Indigo by Ruby Twine

S2362 Indigo

Large-Scale Repeats

Larger repeats can be a little tricky in general. Remember to account for the extra yardage needed, especially when pattern matching or centering a piece on a fabric repeat such as a medallion.

 S1464 Royal by Moonefield Interiors

S1464 Royal

Are you searching for a fabric with a larger repeat? You can filter by 24"+ repeat on the left hand side of our "FABRICS" page at greenhousefabrics.com.

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