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written by Victoria Brooks

Greenhouse Fabrics , Genco Supplies , Kim’s Upholstery , and 23 other amazing upholsters came together to donate 50 dog beds covered in stain repellent Crypton Home fabric.

This project has shown us just how amazing the upholstery community is. The dog beds were donated to Susie’s Hope , a local rescue in High Point, North Carolina. Susie’s Hope is distributing the beds to local animals in need. How exciting that they get a cozy place to relax and lay their head! 

The story of Susie’s Hope is truly touching. Founder, Donna Lawrence, turned a heartbreaking story into something incredible. In fact, Donna and Susie’s story is so moving that there is a movie about it!

Why was Susie’s Hope Founded?

Susie’s Hope was founded when Donna, survivor of a nearly fatal pitbull attack, adopted Susie, a pitbull mix puppy that was brutally attacked by a human. Together, they learned to forgive. As a result, Donna established Susie’s Law to protect all animals.

Susie’s Story

In 2009, an eight-week-old pit bull mix, Susie, was found in a park in Greensboro, NC. Susie was found fighting for her life after being attacked by her previous owner and left for dead. She suffered a broken jaw and severe burns covering 60% of her body. Susie was found 10 days later. After 2 months of intensive treatment, Susie made a tremendous recovery and was adopted by Donna Lawrence.

Donna’s Story

Donna has always had a heart for animals. Prior to meeting Susie, she witnessed her neighbor’s dog chained outside and neglected. When the owners left town, Donna provided the dog with food and water.

Ten months before Susie’s attack, Donna went to feed the dog as usual but was viciously attacked from behind. Donna suffered life-threatening injuries and nearly lost her leg. She struggled with nightmares, anxiety, and a fear of dogs. Then she met Susie.

Learning to Love and Forgive

As beautifully stated on, “Susie changed Donna’s life. Susie helped Donna to begin living her life once again. Their similar experiences allowed them to grow, together, from beyond being a victim to leading victorious lives. Donna forgave the dog for her wrongful attack; Susie forgave the human for hers. The unity has brought love and trust to their hearts, moved Donna to establish the Susie’s Hope nonprofit, has lent assistance in the passing of “Susie’s Law,” and Susie and Donna continue work to share their story (at schools, community outings, retirement homes, charity events, etc.) to teach others about what their experience has taught them”.

Support Susie’s Hope

Adopt, volunteer, donate, or read more about their story by visiting their Facebook page or .

Thank You!

We would like to extend a huge thank you to the following people for participating in this project:

This project couldn't have happened without your kindness and generosity!