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Written by Abigail Porter

We are excited to offer larger memo samples of our Anna Elisabeth fabrics for you to select from and curate your own personal collection. These loose memos are the perfect solution for those who like to visualize fabric options in their designed space, to use on a mood board, and to help showcase the many beautiful larger prints and patterns. We love all of the creative ways to store and display these fun memos, and we want to share a few of those ideas with you! 

One way to easily see each fabric pattern is to display the samples on hangers. You can find hangers in all types of materials, colors, and sizes to fit the look of your showroom, and there are many styles to pick from. Whether you go with curtain rings with clips or skirt and pants hangers, all you will then need is a simple rod or rack to hang them from.

You can also choose an alternative way for hanging your memos by creating a hole in the top corner of your samples and using hooks or rings. If you want, you can choose to attach a grommet for a cleaner, more finished look, and to help reinforce the fabric. Hanging your samples takes up very little space and makes browsing easy.


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Another simple way to organize your memos is to get a basket or two that you can quickly grab from and set aside. This is a great way for designers to have everything they need at their fingertips when working on a project and will help keep your work area clutter-free.

Here are a couple of basket options we suggest: 

Woven Seagrass Basket Natural - Brightroom $10

Twisted Paper Rope Basket - Brightroom $10


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Additionally, you can always choose to display your memos by arranging them on any available wall space you may have. To do so, all you need is some corkboard and push pins. You can also use pieces of peel-and-stick Velcro by attaching one side to the back of the fabric swatch and the other piece to the wall. No matter what method you use this is a great way to utilize your wall space and get more organized at the same time.

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You can also turn a bookshelf or organizer unit with sliding drawers or bins into a custom memo display. Simply stack or fold the memos with the right side facing outward so you can effortlessly thumb through your collection.

Tip: We suggest using clear plastic bins and sorting your memos by their end-use (multipurpose, outdoor, performance, upholstery, and window) and by color to help keep your collection organized and looking neat.


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Save space, stay organized and show off your collection with these recommended ways for storing and displaying your memo samples. If you come up with any other creative solutions that were not mentioned above we’d love for you to share them with us! Our fabric specialists are always happy to hear from you.

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