Upholstery Supplies

At Greenhouse Fabrics, we are dedicated to providing everything you need for successful projects and running your business. While we don't sell upholstery supplies or decorative trims, we have reliable sources we're happy to share with you!

For sewing and upholstery supplies like thread, foam, pillow inserts, and tools, we recommend Genco Supplies in High Point, North Carolina. They offer a wide selection of upholstery and sewing goods, including adhesives, cleaners, staples, and more, both online and in-store.

As for decorative trims, we used to carry an assortment in the past, but our focus now lies on in-stock and ready-to-ship fabrics and vinyl. For decorative trim, nail heads, and drapery hardware, we trust and recommend D’Kei.

In Stock

While we encourage supporting local upholstery shops, we understand that some items may need to be expedited and purchased at high-volume. In such cases, Amazon is a valuable source for upholstery tools and products. Remember to check reviews to ensure quality!

When it comes to fabric finishes, Crypton Home Fabrics are a trusted option for performance fabrics. We appreciate their Greengard Gold certification and use of a C0 finish. Their stain-and-odor technology makes many of their fabrics suitable for hospitality and contract projects. If you encounter a situation where your client insists on a fabric without a finish, we recommend TSG Finishing for applying a soil and stain repellant finish to non-finished fabrics.


Feel free to reach out to us for all your upholstery and fabric needs or any questions at 866-755-5000. Our Dedicated Sales Representatives are eager to assist you!