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Written by Ryenne Blake

Well, and just like that, it was over. Fall '22 High Point Market was a hit! This market was full of fun surprises. We are bringing colors back into our spaces, focusing on sustainability and quality goods, and a return to nature through colors and textiles. This blog dives into the designs we will see in 2023 and the fabrics we offer that are right on trend!


We're bringing pink back, yeah!

As we approach the New Year, we are beginning to see some pops of color coming back into interior spaces. Neutrals and blues are here to stay but a color we did not see coming… pink! The livable mauve that evokes nostalgia will trickle into interior designs, from accent wall covers, statement sectionals, or touches of pink through décor pillows. Pink is coming, so get ready! Another fan favorite is green. Green has already begun to make its way into our homes through house plants, kitchen backsplashes, or throw blankets in every room. Green is the new navy! Dark green velvet sofas, leather Chesterfield-style couches, and green interior walls and cabinets. The color green brings us closer to nature. In 2023, we will see a push for the desire to create a space of wellness. Other colors we will see in 2023 are orange (in various hues), turquoise, yellows, and plums. We are excited to push past the neutral tones and minimalism and dive straight into maximalism by mixing bold colors and patterns!

Soul Nourishing Textiles

Florals on florals, in all shapes and sizes and in all aspects of interior design, from wallpaper to accent pillows. We love flowers! Textiles to look forward to in 2023 in addittion to florals, include a touch of traditional: plaids, stripes, check, leather, hair on hides, and faux furs. Textured textiles are not going anywhere, especially our friend, Boucle! Boucle was in every showroom - primarily white, but offered in a range of neutrals. Whimsical nature-inspired prints will be in every corner – and on the walls! Chinoiserie scenes of birds, butterflies, deer - the list goes on! The block print style of prints is another trend we are excited about- simple yet stunning. The new spin on traditionalism brings us back to our roots with classic shapes and patterns. Bring on layered patterns and textures! 

Return to Foundation

I am a massive fan of antiquing, so I am excited to say that it will continue to be a staple in the interior design industry. Designers focus on quality over quantity, using heirloom furniture and reupholstering their favorite accent chairs. From the fabric we choose to sourcing low-impact décor, wellness will be a top priority when choosing pieces for our homes. Vintage and second-hand stores are excellent sources for unique décor! Homes are transitioning into a space for entertaining with optimal seating, like modular sofas and spacious accent chairs. The use of colors, layered patterns, vintage rugs, and floral drapery create inviting spaces. Metals, stones, and wood are becoming beautiful statement materials serving many purposes in the home. Notice wall décor, natural stone sinks, metal furniture frames, and wood incorporated throughout. Use aged metal to compliment the warm tones in your wood furniture or fabrics! 

We are so excited to see the new spaces that you all create and, as always, look forward to assisting you with your fabric needs!