Meet Our First Memo Mailing: Crypton Home & Performance Whites

written by Taylor Souder: B.S. in Textile Technology

Meet our first memo mailing, another way of sampling in addition to traditional sample books. Crypton Home & Performance Whites come in larger loose samples, perfect for showing off.

On the brink of summer weather, homeowners are opening their doors to fresh, new fabrics that complement and liven up their living space. Aesthetics are always a core contender when searching for new furniture and home décor, but should you have to compromise functionality and practicality to achieve the look?

Crypton Home

It comes as no surprise that Crypton Home fabrics remain so prominent throughout the industry. With best-selling plains and now the addition of prints and wovens (sampled in the Venice Collection), these performance fabric options check all the boxes for visual interest while forgiving life’s misfortunes.

Performance Whites

White is a universal color in home décor that blends any palette together while adding a crisp, clean feel. Do you want to make white fabric the staple in your space without the stress of everyday spills and stains? With our new soil and stain-repellent performance options, your whites will stay just that. The multitude of weights and textures offered in this set are sure to steal the show for any design project.

Showcase Performance Whites and Crypton’s top-performing, textured plains with our new memo collection. This designer resource is the perfect outlet to stop settling and start living. Subscribe to our blog for more inspiration.