Let the Sunshine in With the Perfect Window Fabric

written by Kaitlyn Green

The transitional months from early spring into summer are a gorgeous time of year: The weather is heating up, the days are growing longer, and there is abundant sunlight, providing warmth and a sense of rejuvenation from the cold winter months. Natural light provides a bright, fresh atmosphere in a space, and the right window treatments will play to this effect beautifully, creating a breathtaking look. Let’s explore a few gorgeous styles of window fabrics -- it’s time to let the sunshine in!


Perhaps the most timeless window fabric is a classic sheer. Delicate and airy, sheers are almost completely transparent, allowing for ample light to shine through while creating a soft, diffused effect. Choose from classic solid sheers in white, off-white, or a soft beige for an understated traditional look, or add a touch of modern style with subtle floral details and shimmering sequins.


Embroideries provide depth, dimension, and color to window treatments while allowing a bit of light to peek through. Gorgeous floral embroideries and modern geometric details can give a contemporary feel to a space and tie in beautifully with accent pillows and custom upholstery. Choose a neutral hue for a subtle, classic effect or be bold and brighten up a room with a shimmery, colorful pattern.

Linen and Faux Linen

Timeless with an earthy feel, linen is a classic, lightweight window fabric that complements a range of styles, from bohemian to modern minimalist. Choose from classic, demure neutrals or complement the color palette of a space with a coordinating hue.

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