Leather Samples

Genuine leather stands the test of time as a luxurious and durable option for furniture upholstery or decor projects. Greenhouse Fabrics provides a diverse range of leather hides for any type of job. This blog post will delve into the types of hides we offer, guide you on determining the required quantity for your job, and provide details on the process of placing a leather order with us.

Our Leather Offerings

Full grain

Widely regarded as the highest quality for upholstery, full-grain leather is crafted from the top layer of the hide. This layer retains the natural grain, resulting in a unique look with abundant natural character. As this durable leather ages, it develops a complex patina, further enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Corrected grain

Processed to remove imperfections found in natural hides, corrected grain leather sands down scars, pest blemishes, or wrinkles and is then coated with a protective polymer. This results in a uniform appearance that resists stains and fading over time.


Aniline leather hides are pigmented, meaning they are sprayed with an opaque finish for color consistency. This flexible leather is excellent for chairs and other furniture pieces due to its resistance to scratches and stains.


In contrast to corrected grain hides, distressed hides aim to enhance the character of natural hides. This processing technique creates the appearance of cracks, wrinkles, and fading, giving the leather a uniquely aged look.

Hair on Hide

Tanned and conditioned without removing the hair, hair-on-hide leather is available in various colors and styles, providing a one-of-a-kind look for adding a touch of character to your decor or upholstery project.

Calculating Square Footage for Leather

Genuine leather hides we source can vary in size, ranging from 45 to 55 square feet. To convert from yards to square feet, simply multiply by 18. For instance, if your project requires around 6 yards, you'll need to order between 108-110 square feet (2-3 hides) to have ample material. We measure square footage within the usable border of the hide, excluding excess portions such as the legs that branch off the main hide.


Genuine leather hides offer distinctive character, but this uniqueness can make matching dye lots between hides challenging. If you find yourself short on your job, we can order another hide, though we cannot guarantee a perfect match in color or grain. Hence, it's crucial to order a sufficient amount, even if it results in a bit of overage.

Leather Order Process

Ordering leather through Anna Elisabeth & Greenhouse Fabrics is simple and straightforward. When placing a leather order, our dedicated sales representative will collaborate with you to set a square footage range for your project, helping our vendor select the best-sized hide(s) within your client's budget. At the time of order, we will also confirm billing and shipping information to prevent any delays in fulfillment upon your hide's arrival.


As we do not stock leather in our warehouse, each hide is considered a special order item. Consequently, we do not offer discounts, refunds, or returns on leather hides. Once we've placed a firm order together, your hide is typically in the warehouse and ready to ship within 12-14 days.

We are Here to Help

For your next leather project, rely on the expertise of your dedicated sales representative to help you select the perfect hide tailored to your unique needs!


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