written by Taylor Souder & Kaitlyn Green

You’ve seen it, you’ve styled it, and we saved the best for last! Our 2020 fabric collections are coming to an end with Memos by Color. From vivid, jewel tones to global neutrals, this limited collection is full of texture and dimension that delivers a fun flair to any design aesthetic.  


Just as the season changes and new foliage blooms, sprinkle your space with this new generation of a peony pink palette. Create a rosy outlook and instantly elevate the mood with delicate blush tones. Incorporate a kiss of pink for an airy, romantic vibe that feels both contemporary and timeless.


Lush and inviting, your space will come alive with these touches of foliage-inspired greens. Green hues provide a sense of vitality and freshness. Rejuvenate a design with touches of emerald green and soft sage, reminiscent of the beauty of the natural world.


Create a space full of richness and depth with this jewel-toned arrangement. Amp up the drama with striking jewel tones to create a captivating, memorable space. Gorgeous reds and moody blues pair with shimmering texture and bold print, bringing a luxurious, opulent feel.


Much like the mist from an ocean breeze, these looks will keep your space light and airy. Elegant seafoam tones evoke a calming air of easy sophistication. Contemporary and cool, these multipurpose fabrics channel modern style with coastal allure.


Inspired by a minimalistic and modern approach on naturally occurring elements. Embrace a globally inspired look for a feeling of curated earthy elegance. Featuring warm neutral tones and patterns of bold, organic shapes, these multipurpose fabrics will imbue any design with naturally refined style.

Envision a world of new and trendy colors becoming your next staple or accent with the Memos by Color collection. Shop online at annaelisabeth.com and subscribe to our blog for more inspiration on all things textiles.