Greenhouse's Greatest Hits

written by Kaitlyn Green

Choosing the perfect fabric for your client can sometimes be an overwhelming task, especially with Greenhouse offering over 10,000 fabrics in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. We hope to make your search a little easier with this list: Our top ten best-selling fabrics! These fabrics have been flying out the door, with customers requesting them almost daily. Perhaps one (or more!) will be a perfect match for you and your client, too.

B8481 Eggshell

The color may be “Eggshell,” but this fabric is anything but fragile. Our first top seller is from our Crypton® Home collection — performance fabrics designed to withstand the messes and stresses of everyday life. It’s hard to believe that such a soft texture can hold up against harsh spills and stains, but try it for yourself and you’ll see why this fabric is such a popular one.

B9799 Midnight

The softest of the soft, and durable, too! This fabric is both cozy and bold — a luxurious plush in a deep blue colorway that rivals the hue of the night sky. Your favorite armchair will feel like both a comfy retreat and a throne finished in this royally soft velvet.

B8482 Stone

For those who love a natural vibe, this is the perfect accent fabric. This print features muted, earthy grey tones and a durable linen-like finish, and it’s 100% cotton to boot. The arabesque motifs provide a great way to add subtle visual interest and bring a globally-inspired feel to your space. Pair it with color or more neutrals; you really can’t go wrong with this one.

B8480 Salt

Mess-makers rejoice; we have another Crypton Home fabric! Salt is a bright white Crypton Home fabric with a slight sheen and subtle chevron herringbone detailing. You can finally brave the dreamy all-white furniture look because Crypton Home comes in a wide array of whites, beiges, and light neutrals, and it will not stain.

B4982 Capri

Photos don’t do this lovely, shimmery embroidery justice. Warm tones and a lattice style give Capri a distinctly retro feel with a modern flair. Use this fabric for window treatments or a funky wall drape to invite those feel-good, groovy vibes into your home.

B8489 Snow

Yet another textured Crypton Home graces our best-seller list! This time it’s Snow, a white, textured fabric with notes of blue-ish grey and beige woven in. It feels like chenille but is even easier to clean because of the Crypton Home finish.

F1411 Wheat

What’s better than Crypton Home? Crypton Home with shimmer. Wheat may appear soft and neutral, but it’s woven with champagne threads that make it shine. This is the perfect selection for the client who wants the earthy look with a little flair and a lot of stain-fighting power.

B5530 Creme Brulee

Perhaps the yummiest-sounding of our best-sellers, this fabric is — no surprise here — another one from our Crypton Home collection! Creme Brulee has a different look from some of the others on this list, featuring a much more natural texture woven with brown and neutral-toned threads. If light-colored Crypton Home isn’t for you, give this one a try for an earthy feel.

B8482 Stone

The heather grey color, soft touch, and herringbone detailing make this fabric a winner — plus it’s Crypton Home, so it’s spill-proof, too! This cozy texture would be perfect for finishing the comfiest sofa of all time. Go ahead and get upholstering (and invite us to come chill when it’s done).

B4814 Gunmetal

To wrap up this list, we have an absolutely stunning textured fabric from our Artisan Collection. Gunmetal is woven with steel grey, light neutral, and silver metallic yarns, making it a sparkly standout in any space. The Artisan texture book is full of brilliant fabrics like this one, and they’re all beautiful — but this one is a fan favorite!

To discover your new favorite fabric, browse our entire selection here, and be sure to check out our latest Anna Elisabeth collection.