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written by Kaitlyn Green

The days are growing shorter, the air is cooling, and the bright colors of summer are fading into the more subdued tones of autumn. A favorite time of year for many for its crisp feel, cozy clothing, and spiced flavors, autumn is a season wherein we seem to create our own warmth through color and texture.

From russet reds and deep browns to rich jewel tones, the colors of fall are beautiful and dramatic, both in nature and in the art and design spheres. To celebrate the upcoming Cozy Season, we’ve hand-picked some of our favorite fall-inspired fabrics and hues. Light a pumpkin-scented candle, grab a warm beverage, and indulge with us.

Nature-Inspired Style

There are few sounds as satisfying as the crunch of newly fallen leaves underfoot on an autumn day. Dive right into fall with leaf motifs and warm, autumnal colors in your décor.

Cozy Couture

Over the past few years, “hygge” has been all the rage in the design world. As a design concept, hygge is the idea of creating a charming, comforting space that harbors contentment and personal well-being. The hygge lifestyle is considered a defining characteristic of Danish culture. Those of us with a love for all things cozy are a-okay with this trend sticking around. Plush, billowy fabrics and soft colors will help create your perfectly hygge hideaway.

Moody, Modern Elegance

Luminous jewel tones in deep, rich hues are an on-trend choice for an alternative autumn palette. Select forest greens, ruby reds, and moody blues in luxurious textures and stylish patterns to curate a comforting, elegant vibe for the cooler season.

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