Bye Transfer

What is Dye Transfer?


Dye Transfer is the phrase used to describe the transfer of excess dye from one surface to another due to rubbing and/ or friction.  Crocking is a very common occurrence and, in some cases, can even ruin your furniture.

How Dye Transfer Occurs:

Dye Transfer can occur when dye is transferred from an outside source on to upholstery fabric.  An example of Dye Transfer would be sitting on light colored upholstery piece with a new pair of new denim jeans. The dye from your new denim can transfer onto your upholstered piece, causing a dingy appearance.  Another common occurrence would be when dark throw blankets or accent pillows are used on light colored upholstery pieces.  Many people use a contrasting color scheme to add a cozy feel to their space or even to protect their upholstery from pets and children. However, in doing so your light upholstery can be damaged by dye transfer.

Preventing Dye Transfer:

Prevention is the key to stopping dye transfer on to your upholstery.  You should never place a darker fabric or vinyl over a lighter one if it can be prevented. If you must cover your light colored upholstery for any reason, a white cotton sheet is recommended to cover the darker material before your top fabric is upholstered.  Lastly, regular maintenance and cleaning is always recommended to keep your light-colored upholstery pieces clean and fresh looking for years to come.