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written by Victoria Brooks 

Anna Elisabeth and Greenhouse Fabrics are proud to carry a variety of bleach-cleanable fabrics constructed to withstand both everyday and unexpected messes. Revolution Fabrics® and InsideOut Performance Fabrics® — as well as a variety of other indoor/outdoor fabrics and vinyl — are great options for durable, easy-to-clean furniture for practically any setting.

Revolution Fabrics®

Revolution Fabrics® can be cleaned with any household cleaner, even pure bleach. Revolution’s bleach-cleanable characteristics allow you to disinfect up to 99.9% of germs when using a brand such as Clorox. These performance fabrics are also made in the USA, endure 3000 hours of lightfastness without fading, and are made with recycled fibers. Greenhouse Fabrics offers both indoor and outdoor options from this great performance line.

Here’s how to clean Revolution Fabrics®:

  1. Remove any loose debris and blot stain
  2. Blot or spray water and bleach solution onto the stain and allow the solution to soak into the fabric (if possible, place a clean towel between the fabric and foam cushion to absorb any excess moisture)
  3. Thoroughly rinse fabric with water until clean
  4. Let fabric air dry 

InsideOut Performance Fabrics®

InsideOut Performance Fabrics® are another great choice for bleach-cleanable, made in the USA fabrics that can be used both outdoors or indoors. InsideOut Performance Fabrics® can also be cleaned with a bleach solution without damage or discoloration. InsideOut is liquid resistant, fade resistant, quick dry, anti-mildew, eco-friendly, and PFC free.

How to Spot Clean with Bleach: 

  1. Remove any loose debris and blot the stain
  2. Prepare a bleach-based cleaning solution: Bleach should be diluted with water on a 1:4 ratio
  3. Apply the bleach-based cleaning solution using a misting spray bottle and allow for the solution to soak into fabric
  4. Work the solution into the affected area by lightly scrubbing the area with a sponge or soft bristle brush. Make sure to work from the outside of the stain inward so as not to spread the stain and rinse your sponge or brush frequently
  5. Blot and thoroughly rinse fabric with water until the stain is cleaned, making sure all bleach is rinsed off of the surface of the fabric
  6. Allow fabric to air dry

Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics & Vinyl 

Books E17 and E18: Indoor & Outdoor have a beautiful offering of bleach-cleanable neutrals and hues. You can also find bleach-cleanable vinyls in book E13: greenhouseContract II .

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