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written by Kaitlyn Green

When people hear the word “plain,” we sometimes associate it with “simple” or “boring.” In the world of textiles, plain fabrics are an important staple and are anything but boring. “Plains” refers to a diverse array of solids, wovens, and blends in a multitude of textures and colors.

Colorful prints liven up a space, bringing color and visual interest -- but plains are an unsung hero, providing the crucial cornerstone around which to plan other accenting patterns and pieces. Often a plain is exactly what you need to balance a space and tie together your client’s design.

Plains don’t have to be traditional in texture or color. There are endless options in the contemporary world of textiles, ranging from earthy linens to chunky, multicolored textures. More traditional options like classic velvets and chenilles have stood the test of time with their enduring style and will remain on-trend for years to come.

At Anna Elisabeth and Greenhouse Fabrics, we provide a diverse range of plains in various finishes and weights. With the increasing popularity of performance fabrics, our Crypton Home neutral and colored plains remain in demand. We are heavily stocking our top-selling fabrics to ensure the perfect plains and patterns are always ready to ship for you and your clients.

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