Budget-Friendly Fabrics For A High-End Look

Look no further than Greenhouse Value fabrics, our selection of budget-friendly fabrics perfect for clients who want a high-end look without the high-end price tag. Featuring everything from classic chenille and gorgeous velvets to striking patterns, our Greenhouse Value line features a range of upholstery essentials. Read on for our tips on curating an elegant space without breaking the bank.

Select Sleek Neutrals

Neutral hues are a favorite for creating a space with a fresh, contemporary feel. Lighter tints will brighten up a room and create an airy feel, giving a space a sense of relaxation and openness. Curate a selection of mixed textures in soothing neutral hues to evoke a modern minimalist vibe.

Choose On-Trend Pops of Color

Choose a trendy color palette for a look that is both ultra-stylish and playful. Classic blue and refreshing green are on-trend choices for year-round included in this great new collection of VALUE books. Build a vibrant, chic palette to bring a sense of personality and tailoring to your décor.

Mix Patterns and Prints

Pattern play can be tricky, but when done well it brings an elevated look and feel to a space. Pair coordinating prints and patterns in varying scales to create a striking, one-of-a-kind effect.

Select Dimensional Textures

Nothing elevates a piece of furniture quite like luxurious texture. With gorgeous velvets, pleated plush, and countless other textures to choose from, our newest VALUE books are overflowing with elegant options. Transform an antique chair into a stunning modern masterpiece with a chic textural facelift.

What's even better? Fabrics in books E77-E82 are 20% off for the rest of 2020. Shop our new looks at here or call in to 866-755-5000 and any fabric specialist is readily available to assist in bringing your next project to life!