Bring Spring Indoors With Greenhouse Fabrics

written by Rachel Smith, B.A. in Design Studies

Hello, spring – a season of renewal, hope, and new beginnings. Now that the weather has warmed and you've put away your winter wares, it’s time to get your home ready for spring—and I’m not talking about spring cleaning. Whether you're keen on keeping up with Pantone’s yearly color trends or you like a more traditional color palette, Greenhouse Fabrics is here to help you bring a little springtime to your next fabric or upholstery project.

Follow Pantone’s Lead

Pantone’s 2020 Spring/Summer color collection isn’t just for haute couture. From classic blue to warm pink, this palette is full of rich and youthful hues perfect for celebrating the season inside your home. Whether you choose a contemporary pattern like S2320 Ember that boldly incorporates multiple colors, or you just stick to one or two solids, you’re sure to stay on trend with these upholstery fabrics.

Textural Greens

There is no color more representative of springtime than green. As the ground thaws, fresh blades of grass peek through the soil, trees regain their leaves, and flower stems begin to sprout. As nature has shown, green is the perfect complement to a variety of colors, making it an ideal accent color. Whether it’s the velvet touch of B9866 Lima or the dot-like feel of B7680 Leaf, let these textural green fabrics serve as a reminder of spring’s new growth.

Traditional Spring Pastels

Sweet and airy purples, pinks, blues, and yellows are tried-and-true spring favorites. These pastels mirror the colors found in flower gardens and emulate the softness and feeling of renewal that springtime brings. Pick a pastel hue to highlight on its own or opt for a subdued floral pattern like B9590 Pink that playfully incorporates multiple colors, creating a watercolor-like feel even Claude Monet would envy. You can’t go wrong with this traditional palette.

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