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written by Lindsay Orwig

Here in the Midwest, and in much of the rest of the United States, we experienced a polar vortex this winter. Even places that rarely see snow had white-dusted palm trees and sidewalks!

After all this white snow, gray skies, dirty sidewalks and salty streets I am wishing for color and spring! That's why I'm always so happy to open up my books from Greenhouse – color after glorious color awaits! The possibilities are practically limitless! Sometimes, I find myself leafing through a book I've already looked at numerous times, and fondly brush my hand over the textures and patterns of the fabric, dreaming of the outdoor set I would like to brighten up, or the hammock that so desperately needs a fresh look. Clients stopping by to choose their neutral palette for reupholstering their chairs suddenly get struck by the idea that I need to create a whole set of fabulously colorful pillows to rest upon their gray and beige sofas and chairs.

Everyone wants color, and in the absence of flowers springing from the ground, we choose to bring spring into our homes in any way we can!

The extra beauty of fabric is that it doesn't have to be a permanent application, so you can change a look to suit you mood – or the season. While a neutral palette is nice, it can quickly become monotone, and during a gray season like the one we've had, it's wonderful to be able to add a zip of color in our accents – whether that be pillows, tablecloths, slipcovers, or even tie backs on the curtains!

Put an extra pop of color in your social media , share your favorite floral and colorful geometric fabrics with the world! At this time of the year, it's candy for the eyes, and joy for the soul! What are your favorite Greenhouse Fabrics right now?

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