Best of 2023

In 2023, interior design trends were characterized by a harmonious blend of natural textures, sustainable materials, and warm, earthy tones that came together to create spaces that exude both modern elegance and eco-conscious sophistication.

Embark on a textile journey as we showcase the top-selling categories that have graced our collections this year.

From the timeless allure of floral patterns to the intricacy of geometric designs , delve into our best-selling fabrics that have captured the hearts and homes nationwide this past year.

Best-Selling Greenhouse Fabrics


F3464 Parchment - a tapestry of timeless elegance showcasing traditional classic colors adorned with delicate small botanical motifs. This traditional tapestry allows one to immerse a space in grace as this fabric seamlessly blends heritage and nature, offering a refined touch to any setting.

Best Overall

B8489 Snow- the epitome of the perfect off-white neutral designed to seamlessly integrate into any living space. With a performance finish that includes soil and stain repellency, this chenille fabric not only adds an elegant touch but is also an ideal choice for families, combining style with practicality for enduring beauty in everyday living.


F3900 Natural- This cozy, neutral chenille adds a comforting ambiance to your living space. This subtle pattern delicately paints a tranquil atmosphere, offering a perfect balance of comfort and style.


F3523 Dune- Sophistication and durability meet in this contract-grade, American-made fabric featuring a small gingham check pattern. This neutral plaid design seamlessly merges versatility and style, making it an ideal choice for both timeless and contemporary settings.


F3560 Indigo- the artistry of American craftsmanship with this beautifully woven fabric, boasting a captivating geometric design that seamlessly blends a rich spectrum of blues and creams. The harmonious union of precision and elegance embodies a timeless aesthetic that captivates the eye.


75228 Saddle- a perfect reddish-brown terracotta leather sourced from Argentina. This leather is meticulously crafted with a chrome tanning process, and aniline drum-dyed through for rich, lasting color. With a full top grain, full aniline composition, this leather epitomizes luxury. The wax and oil crackle effect adds a distinctive touch, ensuring a unique aesthetic in any setting.


F2881 Raven- Elegance awaits with our faux leather textured rich black vinyl—a versatile solution tailored for hospitality, medical, or contract grade projects. But that’s not all! With an additional soil and stain-resistant finish, this vinyl not only exudes a luxurious texture but also ensures enduring beauty and practicality.

Best-Selling Anna Elisabeth Fabrics

Best Overall

S2354 Eucalyptus- an impeccable fabric choice designed to effortlessly embrace softness, comfort, and an earthy color palette, ensuring a seamless transition across evolving design trends. This contract-grade fabric, complete with Crypton’s stain and odor-resistant technology, exudes welcoming sophistication, catering to diverse lifestyles with grace and resilience. This fabric allows your space to elevate with a textile that harmoniously balances timeless warmth with contemporary adaptability.


S5120 Blossom- The embroidery fabric of your dreams! This embroidered lightweight fabric, showcases a captivating blend of wildflowers, mums, and dahlias spanning over 20 inches. Each intricately woven motif commands attention, making a bold statement in any space.


S6055 Pastel- A fabric that transcends traditional design boundaries with its soft bohemian color palette blended with an enchanting oceanic foliage print. This pattern is certain to transform a living space with a harmonious infusion of subtle hues that radiate opulence, seamlessly brightening any room with a print spanning almost 30 inches.


S4001 Horizon- Immerse your space in timeless elegance with this neutral drapery fabric that pays homage to the rustic charm of traditional embroidery patterns. This fabric artfully balances understated elegance with a nod to heritage, transforming any setting into a haven of refined style.


S1061 Balsam- a velvet of unparalleled reliability and durability, boasting an impressive resilience of over 200,000 double rubs to ensure enduring quality that will grace your space for years to come. Immerse yourself in the sumptuous luxury of its soft green hue, elevating both comfort and style with a touch of opulence.


S5475 Mercury- a non-traditional zebra-patterned European velvet that combines luxury with durability. Woven to withstand the test of time, its bold texture and pattern offer a distinctive elegance, while maintaining a neutral and subtle allure.


S4073 Stone- This plaid pays homage to the classics. This rustic peppery gray, adorned with thin weaves of rusty red and cream, forms a plaid pattern that displays both warmth and class.


S6306 Electric- This 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabric illuminates any outdoor space with distinction. Meticulously woven to retain its vibrancy and durability not only adds a burst of color, but also stands resilient against the elements. Complete with a water and soil repellent finish, this fabric allows a seamless combination of style and practicality for outdoor settings.