Benjamin Moore 2021 Color of the Year

written by Kaitlyn Green

Autumn has a restorative, nostalgic quality. Colors in nature change, temperatures drop, and we retreat to the indoors, reflecting on the seasons and months past while looking forward and planning for the new year. Home is especially important as a safe haven and place of comfort during this colder season.

This is also when voices across the design industry begin forecasting style trends and establishing the tone for the coming year. Benjamin Moore has announced their pick for 2021 Color of the Year: Aegean Teal. A soothing color choice for furniture and décor in the home, this blue-green hue’s calm and inviting demeanor sets a restorative, rejuvenating tone for 2021.

Aegean Teal 2136-40 strikes a perfect balance of trendy and classic. This Mediterranean-inspired color is a reliable, timeless hue with a healthy dose of vibrancy, making it a livable and stylish choice for décor in the home and beyond. Its blue-green tones recall the beauty and serenity of the sea.

At Anna Elisabeth and Greenhouse Fabrics, we love a strong blue-green hue; blue is our most popular color, preferred even over neutrals and grays. Select plush, comforting home fabrics in soft teal and neutral tones to create a refreshing and uplifting space for you and your loved ones to unwind.

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