Art Imitates (Wild)Life: Explore On-Trend Animal Prints

written by Kaitlyn Green

In the world of art, fashion, and design, some trends seem inescapable -- after seemingly beginning to fade, they experience a renaissance, suddenly circling back into our collective style consciousness, popping up everywhere from fashion magazines and lifestyle spreads to Pinterest boards.

Animal print has certainly experienced a resurgence over the past year or so, reappearing on everything from runways to home decor to cell phone cases. There is something so timeless and beautiful about the natural world and its creatures, and it is often said that art imitates life -- or, in this case, wildlife.

From neon tiger stripes to subdued, skin-like textures, there are countless iterations of the classic animal print. Looking to incorporate this emerging trend into your decor? Explore our selection of animal-inspired prints and textures to find the perfect fabric for your space.

Bring animal-inspired style to a luxe, high-end space with bold prints and patterns in upscale, shimmering finishes. Select a monochromatic color scheme to let the natural beauty of these fabrics shine.

Brimming with lush color and full of wild mystique, the rainforest is a gorgeous place to seek inspiration. Pair botanical and animal motifs with classic cheetah print in a vibrant hue for a look that is both earthy and modern.

Is your style more subdued? Curate a neutral palette of spotted and striped skin-inspired fabrics for an understated look that exudes modern minimalism. Zebra print and tone-on-tone spotted textures bring depth and dimension to this contemporary palette. 

Classic and timeless, earth-toned animal print fabrics will never go out of style. With its natural beauty and visual interest, leopard print pairs perfectly with a range of neutrals. Incorporate tiger stripes, zebra stripes, and warm textures for safari-worthy style.

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