Value Books

At Greenhouse Fabrics, we are committed to offering fabric and vinyl to fit the budget for any project! Recognizing that not all customers have unlimited resources, our Value Collections guarantee access to quality materials at affordable prices, so you can create long-lasting pieces at a reasonable cost. 


Our commitment to affordability extends beyond just offering budget-friendly options. If you have a client with expensive taste on a limited budget, our Dedicated Sales Representatives are ready to assist you by conducting fabric research to source comparable styles within a lower price range.


This blog will guide you in maximizing the functions of our website to explore all of our Value offerings, showcasing the breadth of our Value offerings, and sharing tips on saving money on fabric orders across all price points.

What is considered value pricing?

Greenhouse Fabrics Value collections range from $48 and $68 retail per yard. While the patterns in our Greenhouse Fabrics Value Books fall within this range, our GreenhouseBasics books are uniformly priced at $48.

How can I find Greenhouse Fabrics Value Priced Fabrics?

The quickest and easiest way to browse our value patterns online is to view by book collection! You can find all of our Value Collections here. Once on the landing page, you can view our expansive offerings of Value patterns by color (Blues, Colors, Neutrals), Type (Velvets, Chenilles, Tapestry, Vinyl) or even Performance!

If you are searching within your physical sample library, look for our Greenhouse Fabrics books with “Value” in the title, a red “Value” sticker, or the Greenhouse BASICS books distinguished by the title and color coded bindings. 

Greenhouse Basics

Are there any other options to save on my fabric orders?

Shopping our Value Collections isn't the sole means of saving on your orders. Did you know we offer price breaks for orders of 50 yards or more? This applies to any order totaling 50+ yards, even if it is split among several different patterns. This offers an excellent opportunity to save regardless of the price point per yard.


At Anna Elisabeth & Greenhouse Fabrics, our commitment goes beyond providing affordable options. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you acquire the finest materials for your projects within your budgetary constraints. Whether you need a project quoted or research conducted for upcoming endeavors, reach out to your Dedicated Sales Representative today at 866-755-5000.