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written by Ryenne Blake

Animal print is the new neutral, so we’ve heard! The trends of 2022 have pushed the design world to go brighter, bolder, and downright WILD with their visions. Recently, the most popular trends have brought some brilliant ideas: Mixing patterns of whimsical florals with checkered ceilings or animal prints, elevating living spaces with pops of green, and even dedicating spaces to mixing different animal patterns. M14 offers the animal prints, textures, and faux furs you’ve dreamed of, featuring coordinating tribal-inspired patterns to pair with each bold animal skin. Whether you want a subtle or bold look, M14 offers a wide variety of fabrics to help bring your client’s wildest dreams to life!



This collection of Memos by Color will offer you and your client all sorts of animal and global-inspired prints, patterns, and textures in various colors. Not sure how to add these to your space? The following will outline four ways you can bring animal prints into your next design project. 

Animal Print Accents

Neutral and subtle animal prints are an easy introduction to adding these fun prints and patterns to a room. Whether it be two matching accent chairs, an eye-catching upholstered ottoman, or an assortment of pillows, we have a WILD range of subtle neutrals to choose from in this collection.


Pair With Florals

Good news; you can work animal prints into your traditional space! This collection can be intimidating to the traditional client; memos are an easy way to dig in and play with patterns in any space.  You can add animal patterns to your space as an accent chair, décor pillows, or even curtains. Blend these patterns in with your current traditional blue and green floral prints, to add visual texture to your room. You can shop by color or theme on our website to help you gather the fabrics you need for an upcoming client presentation.


Mixing and Matching… or just Mixing

This technique of adding animal prints to your space can be fun! Start with a color palette of neutrals or earth tones to keep the blending of multiple prints cohesive, or add eye-catching color to connect the elements in your room. Like in the photo above, we have hair on hides printed in exotic animal skins that are perfect for layering your mixing and matching design! You can MAKE A STATEMENT, big or small, with our curated selection of fabrics.

Other Animals

If the tiger stripe is not your thing, but you need patterns with a global feel, our tribal-inspired patterns and faux furs in this collection may be the answer to your wishes. We also offer a variety of animal prints with birds, butterflies, and a variety of nature scenes that perfectly mix with smaller patterns and soft textures. If you want something to add even more texture to your space, look at our Hair on Hide collection online. We offer leather, vinyl, and various cowhides in printed patterns or natural coloration, as well as sheepskin in long or short hair.  

We cannot wait to see the beautiful spaces you create with these exciting animal prints. Be sure to tag us on social media @annaelisabethfabrics