Trending Color Stories

written by Alexa Keaney, Fabric Guru

With so many fun and colorful patterns in the new Greenhouse Fabrics books, it can be hard to narrow down exactly which one is the best for your next project.  Find some inspiration from trending color stories that are especially eye-catching this season.


No matter the time of year, these are always a fun pick-me-up when it comes to home fashions.  Whether you are recovering an old sofa, draping windows, or sprucing up your space with new pillows, our patterns from the new Artisan Collection are sure to be just what you’re looking for.  The fun florals and tropical designs bring in an unexpected playful edge and give your design a fresh face.

F1337 Cayman, F1342 Mulberry, F1346 Coral, F1345 Shrimp, F1285 Black


Have a statement piece that’s been needing just the right complement? These neutral designs are the perfect reinforcements.  They are beautiful and trendy enough to stand alone, but can also be seamlessly paired with just about any element in your home.  A favorite right now is F1263 Driftwood because it is a classic print that appears almost multi-dimensional at first glance.  Teamwork makes the (design) dream work, and these neutrals are the MVP’s.

F1275 Gray, B4009 Oatmeal, F1263 Driftwood, B4571 Acorn, F1261 Sienna, B1911 Driftwood, F1268 Latte, B3082 Desized, F1255 Flax, B4594 Butter Cream 



Prints and textures are hard to be overlooked when they’re in one of the hottest colors right now, deep blue.  The varying shades of violet, indigo, and navy provide depth and contrast in our artisan prints. Check out these textured pieces and see just how much they capture the light and add a dynamic twist to your standard woven elements. Show off these styles year-round because this color never takes a season off.

F1310 Indigo, F1199 Blue Moon, F1317 Blue, B1152 Caribe, F1308 Pacific, F1315 Cobalt, F1309 Azure, B1150 Teal, F1318 Wedgewood, B9795 Island, B3910 Sea Breeze, B1151 Sea

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