Stripes & Plaids: What Makes a Fabric Timeless?

Written by Tiffany Tolliver

Timeless: Unaffected or unchanged by time; ageless.  The original elements of a timeless fabric are carried over into design today with little to no change to the pattern.  See the example below.  The ticking stripes used in the 1940 and 1974 mattresses are almost identical to the chair fabric used today.  These patterns may crossover from fashion to design and back again, but undergo little change in this process.  The traditional black stripe we associate with “mattress ticking” has actually been recorded in eleventh-century Italian textiles; that is almost 1,000 years!

Another timeless pattern is the houndstooth check.  It originated in Scotland in the early 1800’s and was first worn by Scottish shepherds.  Christian Dior introduced the pattern to his tweed suit line on the runway in the 1950’s and took the fashion world by storm.  The houndstooth pattern today is versatile, reaching into the design world introducing a grounded familiar element to any contemporary design.        

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