Revolution Performance Fabrics for The Home

Written by Tanzy Tysinger

If you have purchased upholstered furniture for your home in the past year you may have heard the term “performance fabrics”.  Performance fabrics are not new to the textile industry, as these fabrics have been used in office and hospitality spaces for many years, better known as contract or commercial fabrics.  The construction of fabrics used in commercial settings has a tendency to be coarse and rather bland.  With that said today’s performance fabrics are designed for the family home, offer a softer hand, and come in a variety of beautiful styles, colors, and patterns.   

Greenhouse Fabrics is excited to offer Revolution Performance Fabrics for residential upholstery projects.  When selecting the right performance fabric for you and your home you will discover there are attributes that one may offer over the other.  Revolution Performance Fabrics are made with Olefin which allows the fabric to be durable and cleanable. Below are benefits that you may find helpful when searching for the right fabric for family or dining room seating.

  • Stain Resistant – Olefin is a unique, solution-dyed fabric because it has no “dye sites”, so stains are not able to attach themselves to the fiber, making the fabric inherently cleanable.  Revolution fabrics can be cleaned with any household cleaner, even pure bleach.


  • No PFC’s – Since there are no chemical stain treatments applied, Revolution Performance Fabric is safe for family, friends, and pets to live on.


  • Resist Fading in Sunlight – Revolution fabrics are highly resistant to sunlight and can endure 300+ hours of lightfastness without fading.


  • Made with Upcycled Fibers – Upcycling is the process of transforming byproducts, waste, and other trash into new and useful materials. Olefin is the only UPCYCLED fiber available for making upholstery fabric.


  • Smallest Carbon Footprint – Olefin is dyed without the use of water and requires a minimal amount of land and energy for production.  Natural fibers such as cotton, linen, and wool require the use of a large amount of the earth’s most precious resources; water, land, and energy.

If you have questions about Revolution Performance Fabrics or other performance fabrics, visit or contact our Customer &Fabric Specialists at 866-755-5000.