Paris Prints and Coordinates

written by Taylor Souder, B.S. Textile Technology

Our new designer line, Anna Elisabeth, just launched at the beginning of April. Textures and prints have never looked so good. Check out some of our favorite new combinations for coordinate inspiration!

Vintage Florals

Create a sophisticated look with these rich, dramatic colors and textures - sampled in S05, Paris Library.

Blushing Neutrals

This combination of blush and creamy neutrals warm up a room while maintaining a simplistic vibe. Patterns sampled in books S08, Paris Embroideries and S09, Paris Beige.

Novelty Plush

Pair these bold, bulky textures with our novelty chinoiserie fabric to create a refined, global look that is pleasing to the eye as well as the touch. Patterns sampled in books S03, Paris Plush and S05, Paris Library.

Modern Grace

Loving this tone-on-tone trend! Pair these greys for a clean look with a modern motif. Patterns sampled in books S04, Paris Greys and S09, Paris Beige.

Contemporary Geometrics

Bring out the best of these primary colors by pairing our plush velvet and chenille textures against this fun, abstract print. Patterns sampled in S02, Paris Velvets, S07, Paris Prints, and S08, Paris Embroideries. We can't wait to see what you create with the Paris Collection!