Pantone® Color Trends Fresh Off the Boardwalk!

written by Aimee Ivers, Intern, Industrial Design Student at N.C. State  

Summer is in full swing and people are flocking to the beaches! If you can’t visit the coast this summer, you can bring the beach to your home through fabrics that reflect the Spring/Summer 2019 Color Trend Highlights. We love the tropical hues -- from the bright sunset pastels to the vibrant coastal neons. 

This palette focuses on blues, greens, and a warm neutral for contrast. The range of colors reminds one of azure waves washing up onto a sandy shore. 

The range of vivid colors imitates an expansive sunset over deep ocean waters. The second palette features warm purple, red, and orange hues with a dark cobalt blue that stands out.

The third color palette plays with pastels, a splash of mango orange, and a bold navy to add a little dark contrast. This color set draws its hues from the docks -- full of flags, sun-bleached buoys, and brightly colored boats. 

The final palette is simple and light, with baby blue and pink and just a hint of royal purple. This group of colors is as calming as a dawning sunrise, clear skies, and cool dunes. 

Whether you lean towards solids or patterns, we have hundreds of summer options for your projects that call for a little beachy accent! Here are some of our top picks: 

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