National Pineapple Day!

written by Kaitlyn Green

If you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the should drop everything and celebrate National Pineapple Day! That’s right, National Pineapple Day is a real holiday dedicated to celebrating our favorite tropical treat.

This sweet, tangy fruit is notable for its unique appearance as much as its flavor. Pineapples have a rather eccentric look, with their prickly outer skin, bright yellow insides, and spiky green “hats.”

Their playful shape could be why pineapples have seen a recent surge in popularity as an interior motif; pineapple-shaped lamps, glassware, and even jewelry can be found practically everywhere — from the bargain section at Target to high fashion runways.

But although they seem to have gained popularity in recent years, pineapples have always been a fan favorite: The pineapple is both a symbol of historic Charleston, South Carolina and home to Spongebob Squarepants. This fruit has an exceptional resume.

So why shouldn’t we have a day devoted to the pineapple? It’s a fruit that transports you to an island far away, without even having to leave your kitchen! There aren’t too many tropical escapes you can buy at Harris Teeter. Maybe we’ll whip up a pineapple upside-down cake just to celebrate!

Here are some of our most fabulous fabrics featuring our favorite fruit, and a few others that just make us feel tropical. Happy National Pineapple Day! And, just as importantly, happy summer — aka beach season!

This fabric is SO Charleston-esque with its pineapple and scroll motifs. It’s available in two colorways; apply the Stone to add some fun dimension to your room, or embrace your true tropical side with the punchy Classic colorway.

Here we have another fun, tropical print, but this one is a little more playful. These technicolor palm leaves will brighten up a space so much, you’ll feel like you’re actually on an island somewhere.

This pattern is luau-ready! The phrase that this pattern brings to mind is “Hawaiian glamour,” and both colors are so beautiful, it’s hard to choose just one. This large-scale print is perfect for a sunroom, or any space you’re wanting to give the island treatment.

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