Let Your Fabric Set the Mood

Nothing in your home influences mood more than color.  When choosing the palette of a specific room, ask yourself this question, “What mood do I want to evoke in this space?”  Now think beyond the color of the walls and start to make your fabric selections based on the answer.

Here is a handy little chart to help you out:

Cheerful: Ivory, white, yellow, spring green, fresh blues

Relaxed: white, ivory, pale blue, pale aqua, light gray, pale taupe

Bold: saturated yellow, blue, green, red, black, white

Romantic: ivory, pastels, chalky colors, soft pink

Brawny: navy, tan, olive, blue, dark green, gray

Now that you have decided the mood and the color you can go back the Greenhouse Fabrics home page and start browsing our fantastic selection of fabrics based on color and start creating your spaces, one mood at a time.