InsideOut Performance Fabrics®

written by Will Reiber, B.S. in Textile Technology

Versatility is one of the most important qualities in home textiles. The wide range of environments and applications found within and around the home has typically required different materials due to the difference in wear and tear they will experience. Patio furniture has required durable, UV resistant synthetic fabrics while the living room couch has to be plush and comfortable. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one type of fabric that could do it all? Thanks to InsideOut Performance Fabric, there is! 

Indoor and Outdoor Fabric

InsideOut® is a revolutionary new product that will surely raise the bar for what is expected of home textiles. This is truly a versatile project that performs as the name implies: inside or outside. These fabrics look and feel like the beautiful and comfortable fabrics you expect in your living room, but perform just as well as the fabrics you have on your back porch.

Stain Resistant

Stain resistance is achieved through two methods. The first is related to the dying process used to color the fibers. InsideOut is made from solution dyed polypropylene and high energy dyed polyester. This process involves moving the individual dye molecules into the fiber itself to impart color on a molecular level versus simply coloring the surface of the fiber. Not only does this work to prevent stain molecules from entering the fiber, but the dye molecules also work to protect the fiber’s molecules from sun damage by disrupting UV waves! If you do happen to get a stain, simply blot with soap and water (do not scrub, this can push it deeper into the fabric and make removing it more difficult).

Liquid Resistant

Liquid repellency is achieved through a surface treatment using an all-natural chemical bath. This process treats the fabric to impart a hydrophobic feature while still allowing it to be breathable and otherwise unnoticeable. This is the same process popularized by Patagonia® and The North Face®, and is Prop. 65 compatible for our California customers! The fabrics are also quick drying and mildew resistant, adding to their excellent outdoor performance.

InsideOut is proudly made in the USA using eco-friendly products. Take a look at these amazing fabrics when considering your next project!

InsideOut Performance Fabrics are also pill resistant, soap & water cleanable, bleach cleanable, fade resistant, quick dry, anti-mildew, made in the USA, eco-friendly, PFC free, and exceed 50,000 double rubs. For more technical information, call a fabric specialist at 866.755.5000.

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