Identifying & Translating Trends

Written by Julie Talbert

Whether it is a color, theme or motif, we often see trends first appear in high fashion.  This trend will also appear in trade publications and eventually end up in consumer magazines displayed in home decor, clothing, and accessories.   


Once a new trend is identified, how do I translate this to my home without changing the entire house and breaking the bank? 

Michelle Lamb, editorial director of Trend Curve states that the lifecycle of a trend is about 3 years.  When life happens, who has the time or the budget to keep up with every new emerging trend?  Little changes to your home can keep you feeling up to date and in style:


  • Keep your favorite upholstered sofa looking fresh with an updated look.  Introduce and layer on a new color, theme or motif.  Accessorize your living room sofa or king size bed with trending toss pillows.

  • Change the paint color in your room or add an accent wall color.

  • If you don’t want to change your home every time a new trend emerges – wear the trend!  Soft blush colors, metallics and bright bold geometrics are on the rise – wear it and be the trendsetter for everyone to see.  

As the Director of Product Development, I travel to shop and research emerging trends in upholstery, drapery, and outdoor fabric to offer our Greenhouse Fabrics Customers.  Visit me at to explore timeless solids and patterns or to discover a new fabulous fabric.