Greenhouse Fabrics Brings you Hair on Hide, Leather & Suede

One of our many services here at Greenhouse Fabrics is fabric research. Our Customer & Fabric Specialist team receives calls and emails daily from our customers searching for specific requests for their clients. Greenhouse's team is here to help you find that request if you are not able to locate it in one of our sample books or on our website.  A great example of this is our leather.

Since we special order all of our leather hides from our leather suppliers and sell by the full hide, we are able to get almost any color or style of leather you are searching for. While our leather cards are a great source to view our bestselling leathers, keep in mind just because you don't see it, does not mean we can't get it.  Recently we had a customer that was in the market for a one of a kind hair-on-hide. We contacted the mill, received information on several different options for hides they had in stock, sent our customer the images and had it shipped to our customer in 7-10 days.

One of the hair-on-hides that was an option.

The customer purchased this one.

In addition to hair-on-hide and leather, we are able to request embossed leather, suede, special colors, metallics and much more. You are welcome to call or email our Customer & Fabric Specialist team with all your research questions and let us find you the right fabric or leather, in the right color, at the right price.

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