Fall 2016 Market Trends

Written by Julie Talbert

After walking what felt like a million steps through the High Point Market in search of the latest fabric trends, my shoulders ached and my feet were tired.  However, my mind was still on the go and I was inspired to find colors, textures and well put together vignettes to capture my designer's eye.  There were some exciting new fabric trends as well as seasoned favorites this year.   

Strie velvets, tufted velvets and velvets with luster never get old.  

Large scale whimsical and floral prints on inviting sofas and chairs.  Greenhouse Fabrics has five star floral prints available on our Showroom Fabrics website.  

Daring, yet dashing, upholstered embroideries on wing back and dining chair seating.  

Energetic colors from pomegranate, berry to lemon.  

Rose Quartz: Love it or hate it? I cannot decide.

Inspiration of a new artist movement of imitating tie dye or the painterly look.

Modern cut velvets by Genevieve Gorder was a buyer’s favorite.

Designers and clients are looking for a beautiful and functional livability story.  For easy to clean fabrics and a champion against everyday life messes including grape juice, red wine and ketchup our Greenhouse Fabrics Crypton Home ® is a popular choice.  

Stay tuned to the latest trends as Greenhouse Fabrics launches our 2017 collection of new fabrics every month.