Color Wheel

What looks good to the human eye? Thanks to Sir Isaac Newton back in 1666, we have what is called a color wheel.  The Color Wheel has 12 basic colors that are called hues.  The hue is lightened by adding white called “tinting” and adding black to darken is called “shading.”

Any mix of fabric will be a combo of these 12 basic colors and of course neutrals are in a class of their own- Neutrals being white, black and gray.

Let’s take a look at how the Color Wheel influences our surroundings, most importantly our “personal spaces.”  I’m a firm believer that Fabric is where it all begins, don’t you agree?  Once you choose the perfect fabric combinations you can move on to paint, rugs, window treatments and accessories.  Let’s look at my top 3 Color Wheel Inspired Fabric combinations…

These are my favorites!   Take a moment to browse our website and use the fantastic Project Board Tool to start creating your next best space!

Images coutesy of Buzzle, Veranda and Coolanz.