The Art of Product Selection for Our 2017 greenhouseVignettes

Written By Julie Talbert

Our greenhouseVignettes will debut in January 2017 bringing a vivacious collection of colors that will augment any designer space.  Sapphire, quartz and ruby complete this jewel toned collection full of florals, ikats and worldly medallions.  


Selecting fabrics for this collection is an art with the goal to excite your visual senses.   Offering a beautiful blend of prints, wovens and textures to complement your home.  Colors and designs play together in perfect harmony to produce classic, modern or contemporary vignettes that appeal to an assortment of lifestyle tastes. 


Each vignette was carefully curated with a personal touch to make each collection visually pleasing.  Individual collections include a grand statement piece partnered with a color coordinating stripe, geometric and woven.  Each embodies elegance, bringing a myriad of color, pattern and texture to your interiors.  Full of drapery, bedding, upholstery and multipurpose fabrics, a single vignette can transform a room with the perfect drapery, bedding, upholstery and pillow fabric.  

The fabrics in this collection have been designed to appeal to the artist within you.  Portray your personality in your abode with our greenhouseVignettes.  

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