5 Designs Inspired by Animal Prints

Written by Tiffany Tolliver

Animal prints captivate us whether we see them boldly worn on the runway or making bold statements in the home.  No matter where they are seen, they get our attention.  Why is that?  To read about the revealed exotic past of animal prints, check out our blog.

We love our big cat prints because of what is conveyed by their presence: fearless confidence.  If we view the animal kingdom in light of our social economy, which animals would be on top?  Which ones would own the wealth and status of the economy?  Big cats: tigers, leopards, and jaguars.  No one wants to actually come across these dangerous cats in the wild, but the thought of these patterns in our homes allows us to convey a similar message to those who enter.  These patterns communicate boldness, confidence, wealth, and status.  

Now that we know where they come from and why they are so intriguing to us, how can we incorporate these captivating skins into our homes?  Check out these five inspirational interiors that incorporate skins in unconventional ways.   



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