3 Website Tools to Ease Your Fabric Search

written by Victoria Brooks

At Greenhouse Fabrics, we aim to save you time by providing you with the tools you need to be successful. Take advantage of these tools as you search for that perfect fabric. 

1. Shop by Yardage

Do you want to see available fabrics in the quantity you need? Use our Shop by Yardage tool to save yourself time. Simply type in the amount you are looking for, press enter, and explore a plethora of options.

2. Value

Does your client have a certain budget in mind? Our Value tool is a great resource to narrow down your search to fit your client’s budget.

3. Project Boards

You can easily show your clients the fabrics you have selected for them by sending a project board. You can email project boards directly to your clients or to your fabric specialist to order a Memo, One Yard Memo, or the fabric for your job. 

Here's How:

First, create a new project board by logging into your account and selecting BOARD in the upper right-hand corner.

Next, click +NEW to create a new board or EDIT to make changes to a board.

Then, add your favorite patterns to your project board by clicking ADD TO MY BOARD.

Once your project board is complete, you can share the fabrics & a personalized message with your clients by clicking SHARE BOARD followed by SEND EMAIL.

We hope that these tools are a great resource for you. As always, you can call our fabric specialists at 866.755.5000 and we will be happy to do research for you. 

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