2020 Pantone® Predictions

written by Kaitlyn Green

Lovers of all things colorful rejoice: In a few short weeks, Pantone® will unveil the Color of the Year for 2020! For designers and artists across industries, this big reveal is basically Color Christmas.

For those unfamiliar with the world of color, Pantone is widely regarded as the “global authority on color.” Their Pantone Matching System is used across industries, making it relatively seamless to compare and reproduce hues in a standardized way.

2018: Ultraviolet

Each December, Pantone chooses a color to symbolize and set the tone for the coming year; 2018 gave us Ultra Violet, a deep, dynamic purple that communicates visionary thinking and originality (while also reminding the world how much we miss Prince).

2019: Living Coral

2019 has been the year of Living Coral, a luminous, spirited color chosen for its energetic feel and “life-affirming” quality.

Pantone takes considerable care with its annual selection. Color of the Year is more than just the year’s trendiest, most popular color – it’s a current snapshot of who we are as humans, a color story expressed through a single hue. The color of the year draws on current trends, global events, and what our human society values at this moment in time.

2019’s Living Coral is beautiful and energetic, yes – but its ties to Earth’s beautiful coral reefs are no coincidence. Pantone has worked to raise awareness of our planet’s fragile marine life through the “Glowing Glowing Gone” campaign throughout 2019, using Living Coral and other “Living” colors to communicate its message.

What Color Will 2020 Be?

Keeping all this in mind, we ask the annual question: What hue will Pantone choose next?

At Greenhouse Fabrics, there are numerous theories, but we all agree on one thing: With 2020 signifying the turn of a new decade, next year’s color will probably be a bold, exciting one.

Will 2020’s color be a lush, rich green? Deep evergreen has graced runways, furniture, and Pinterest feeds alike throughout this year. As a self-confessed green enthusiast, I like this color for 2020 because it embodies the growth and new life ever-present in nature – a fruitful energy and philosophy to carry with us at the turn of a new decade.

Yellow has also created a lot of buzz lately. Gen Z Yellow has certainly been having a moment the past few years, being dubbed “the new millennial pink” by multiple fashion publications. Will this bright, cheerful hue carry us into 2020 with its optimism and positive energy?

We can’t wait to see what Pantone will choose as 2020’s Color of the Year. What are your predictions?

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